Fairless Hills Fire Dept.

The Fairless Hills Fire Department is located in Bucks County, PA just north of Philadelphia and West of Trenton, NJ. The company is all volunteer who help protect Fairless Hills and the surrounding communities. Our apparatus consists of two Engines, one 105’ Ladder, one Fire-Rescue, one Utility, and two Chiefs Vehicles. The Fairless Hills Fire Dept. answers approximately 700 calls annually that range from Fire Alarms Systems, Structure Fires, Rapid Intervention Team Assignments, Auto and Industrial Accidents as well as providing Mutual Aid for surrounding Fire Companies .

Fairless Hills Fire Dept.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014   Stations 12/82, 14, 13, 10 and 8 were dispatched for a reported house on fire in the area of 78 Plumtree Rd. in the Plumbridge section of Bristol Twp. Multiple calls were reporting fire through the roof of a vacant house, with this brought Rescue 31. Chief 13 arrived on scene with a 2 story wood frame vacant with fire through the roof. Engine 13 arrived, dropped in and went in service with a blitzfire. With fire in the entire house, crews went on the defensive and had multiple handlines in service. Rescue 31 arrived and set up for RIT duties. Fire was knocked down within 45 min's and companies became available. Photo from Levittownnow.com


from Levittownnow.com

from Levittownnow.com



Thursday, April 17, 2014   Engine 31-2 was dispatched for a reported house on fire at 111 Timber La. in the Thornridge section of Falls Twp. Chief 32 arrived on scene with a 1 story single family with smoke showing from the eaves. Engine 32 arrived, dropped in too side A. The engine crew forced entry and went in service with an 1 3/4 attack line. Engine 31-2 arrived 2nd due and pulled a back up line to side A. Fire was found in the dryer with small extension. Companies were available a half hour later. Photo from Levittownnow.com.




Thursday, April 17, 2014   Rescue box 13-07 was dispatched for a reported accident with entrapment on Edgely Rd. at Goldenridge way. Reports of a concrete truck vs. a car. This box called for 2 rescues from station's 13 and 10. FM 225 arrived on scene and confirmed one heavily entrapt and requested the next due rescue, bringing Rescue 31. Rescue's 10 and 13 arrived and went to work with stabilization and going in service with door and roof removals. Rescue 31 arrived on scene and assisted crews with a dash push to finish freeing the victim. The extrication was complete with a half hour. Rescue 31 was in service for an hour. Photos from Levittownnow.com.




Sunday, April 13, 2014 16:30 Station 30 was dispatched for a stand by on an accident in front of Tappy's Tavern for a reported semi cab that struck a concrete bridge pillar. Reports were now saying the driver was trapped, bringing Rescue 31 and 32. Rescue 30 took the passenger side door and was able to remove the driver. Rescue 31 assisted in patient care. Rescue 31 was available within a half hour. Photo from station 30.




Sunday, April 13, 2014  Station 31 along with stations 30, 77 were dispatched for a reported house on fire at 408 Reagan Dr. in Fairless hills. FM-234 arrived on scene with a single wide trailer with smoke showing. Engine 77 arrived and stretched an 1 3/4 attack line to the front door. Engine 31 arrived seconds later and assisted 77's crew on the interior. Fire was located in the front bedroom closet with extension through the floor and part of the walls. The fire was knocked with 5 min's and companies became available. Engine and Rescue 31 were in service for an hour.




Tuesday, March 25, 2014  Stations 98, 30, 0 were dispatched for a reported house on fire at 326 Melvin court in Morrisville Boro. Deputy 98 arrived on location with heavy smoke on the second floor, reporting a working fire in a MOR townhome. Rescue 31 and SS-10 were dispatched following the report. The rescue crew arrived on scene, went to work with checking for extension on the side D exposure. No extension was found, fire was held to a dryer with small extension. Companies were in service for an hour. Stations on scene, 98, 30, 0, 31, 10. Photo from station 30.




Monday, March 3, 2014   Stations 21, 22, 31, 77 were dispatched for a reported chimney fire at 1846 4th St. in Middletown Twp. Chief 21 and engine 77 arrived first. After checking the chimney and the interior they both had a moderate smoke condition on the second floor. Crews found small extension into the dwelling and placed a 1 3/4 attack line in service. Engine 31-2 dropped into engine 77 and stretched a backup line. The fire was knocked within 5 min's , companies staged and were held in a manpower pool. Engine 31-2 was in service for about a half hour. Companies on scene..21, 22, 31, 77, 8, 9. 




Friday, February 28, 2014   Stations 30, 31, 32, 33, 10 were dispatched for a confined space rescue at grows landfill truck entrance at the scrap doc. Reports of a person that fell 25 ft. down a ships hatch. Ladder 31 arrived and assisted stations 10 and 30's crews with extrication of the victim, the ladder provided stokes harness and helped with guidelines. Victim was extricated within 45 min's and moved in the hands of ems. Crews were on scene for an hour. Photo from station 30.




Tuesday, February 25, 2014   Stations 98,30, 32, 0 were dispatched for a reported house on fire at 17 Bowling green Av. in Morrisville Boro. Police arrived on scene reporting a working fire with everyone out of the house. Engine 98 with the chief went on scene with a 2 story single family dwelling, heavy fire showing from the second floor. Engine 98 led off with an 1 3/4 attack line while rescue 98 had the backup line. Rescue 31 was dispatched for RIT but was put to work as they arrived on scene. The rescue crew assisted with checking for extension on the second floor and some overhaul. Fire was knocked within a half hour. Crews remained on the fire ground for an extended period of time for overhaul. Rescue 31 was in service for about an hour. Companies on scene were 98, 30, 32, 0, 31, 10. Photo from Station 30.




Sunday, February 16, 2014  Stations 32, 31, 33, 10 were dispatched around 04:28 for a reported house on fire at 34 Pensive Ln. in the pinewood section of Levittown. Chief 10 arrived on scene with a one story single family dwelling with heavy fire showing through the roof from side c. Engine 31-2 arrived first, hand stretched to engine 32 and began to stretch an 1 3/4 attack line to the front door. Within seconds of arriving on scene conditions deteriorated, fire was showing on all sides of the dwelling. The engine crew made a push in the front door, with 4 attack lines in service the fire was knocked down fast and companies continued in too knock any remaining fire. The fire was under control within 30 min's and companies assisted with overhaul. Rescue 98 was RIT. Engine 31-2 was in service for 2 hours. Photos from Scott Gilmore.



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